Kevin is the head of the photography department. He makes sure the right photographer will shoot your project and manages the photography team. We think Kevin was born way too late. Lets face it: no one born in 1989 has a passion for happy hardcore and trance like he does.

Kevin Verkruijssen


Whenever you call the Headquarters of We Are The Night, you will hear a happy and kind voice. That voice belongs to Lieselotte, the boss of the office. With all her efforts in taking care of finance and everyday stuff at the office she keeps the crew free of worries.

Lieselotte Palmen

Office Manager

Anke is our main producer at WATN HQ. After finishing her study Journalism she worked as a producer and director for several production companies. In July 2013 she joined the WATN team. During productions Anke is the familiar face of WATN and the main contact for clients and crew.

Anke Henni

Director • Producer

Don started his internship in 2013 and never left us. His enthusiasm, motivation and curiosity is still a great addition to our team. In the past years he developed from intern to a full-fledge editor, videographer and assistant producer.

Don Bouwman

Editor • Production Assistant • Videographer

Michael joined We Are The Night as an intern in February 2017. With already some experience working at other media- and facility companies, he is a meaningful addition to our team. If only because of his sense of humor and funny stories.

Michael Henzen

Intern • Production Assistant

At the office Roeland goes by the name of ‘Roeland flarevelzen’. Or ‘Roellywood’. Nicknames he lives up to every time he shoots something. Roeland always manages to capture the best possible light at the right time. Making everyone look good who’s getting shot with his camera.

Roeland Bentvelzen


Wilco is the head honcho. He was born with a passion for house music and video. When he was asked to go on tour with Tiësto, he figured it was time to stop hobbying and start living the dream. He turned Superfeesten into We Are The Night and is the inspiring force behind our team.

Wilco Jung

Creative Director • Videographer

Bart is the creative brain behind We Are The Night. Like an artist he shapes stories that need to be told. And how they need to be told. With his film – education at the HKU he knows how to pick the right tools for the right story.

Bart Mijnen

Director • Editor • Videographer

Jonathan is our producer in LA and manages all WATN shoots in North America. Whether you need production support, location production or the whole shebang, he gets it done.

Jonathan Kopitzke

Producer LA